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What is VibePay?

Instant payments meets instant messages 🤝

Say it where you pay (and get paid). VibePay could save your business or side hustle a fortune in the money you lose to card processing fees. And you can’t send messages on a card machine. 

Payments and messages in every Channel
Send money to any UK bank account

Messaging in channels 💬

A comprehensive communication tool in the same place you get paid. Keep your clients close without having to share anything more than your username.

Send payment requests to anyone

Multiple profiles for multiple hustles 💪

Your side hustles, small businesses and personal life each deserve their own space. Give them distinct homes with multiple profiles in VibePay.

Fast and reliable!

Dxdger, 18/11/2020

Quick, easy, hassle free!

BizKiTRoAcH, 14/08/2020

Idea is great, very dedicated team!

Jadesa11y, 13/12/2019

Much better alternative to PayPal

Lucy Sheeran, 18/11/2020

VibePay is the future

Tinky321, 17/08/2021

Good Vibes

Krainey91, 22/07/2021

Best way to get paid back

Alex that loves games, 14/08/2020

The best app out there!

Bliss47, 18/11/2020

Hands down better than PayPal, CashApp and others

Mufasa120022, 18/11/2020
Who's it for?

VibePay helps you
grow your audience

We’ve built VibePay for everyone. Social sellers, creators, streamers and small businesses 🙌


Keep more of what you earn, whilst keeping your audience closer than ever.

Local Businesses

Be at the heart of a vibrant community. Bolster your relationships with customers and clients with messaging in channels.

Online Sellers

Get paid without the fuss, or the fees.

How much is it?

For everything.

We want VibePay+ to be as simple as possible. That's why we have an easy, everything included monthly charge. No limits, holds or hidden fees.

Coming soon

This is just the start for VibePay, see what's next up

Use ShopFronts to sell products and services directly from VibePay. Have ShopFronts available in the app and online with your VibeMe link.

With online checkout you can start accepting payments from outside of the app. Share your VibeMe link and get paid there and then.

Get more control of how you look within VibePay. With added branding options for your profile and VibeMe link.

Start in seconds ⚡️

Download the VibePay app, link your bank, get your VibeMe link and start sending or receiving cash pronto ✌️

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