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From paying a friend to getting paid from anyone and managing your money. There's something for everyone.



Connect all your bank accounts and manage your money

Why do you need my bank account?

We use your bank accounts to let you see balances, transactions and request money. It takes seconds and is super safe πŸ”’

What is a banking channel?

Get a private channel directly with your banks. View live balances or see your latest transactions πŸ‘Œ

What can I do with my linked banks?

Don't worry about switching back to your bank app, you can see live transactions and balances directly in VibePay πŸ‘€


Pay anyone with a UK bank
account for free

How do I pay somone?

Pick a contact, set an amount, add an optional comment and pick your payment bank. Easy as that πŸ’Έ

How long does it take?

Money is moved instantly from your bank account to theirs. We always make sure you authenticate with your bank first ✌️

Can I keep track of payments with friends?

All payments are added to your private channel so you always know when and how much you've paid πŸ™


Send payment requests to one or everyone

Easiest way to get paid?

Use your personal VibeMe code to receive money quick and easy. Flash your QR or send a simple link πŸ”—

Can I send requests to groups?

Send requests to as many contacts as you want and keep track of who has paid for what πŸ€”

Can I only get paid from VibePay users?

It's not just for your VibePay contacts, send requests to anyone. Create a link and use it anywhere πŸ’ͺ

Start in seconds ⚑️

Download the VibePay app, link your bank, get your VibeMe link and start sending or receiving cash pronto ✌️

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