5 social situations when you need VibePay

5 social situations when you need VibePay

VibePay is coming, and will make social life so much easier. Here are five situations when you’ll ask people to #VibeMe.

At the restaurant

It’s just unfair to put the waiter through the torment of working out the amounts between too many people (237 divided by 8 anyone?). Instead, let one person grab the bill and send a request through VibePay to the rest. That way, nobody needs to be out of pocket.

At the bar

Why do some mates always get out of buying a round? Avoid drink debt (yes, it’s a thing) by getting into the habit of asking your friends to #VibeMe back. It’s quick, easy and you can include a sassy/cute/funny/flirty message.

Buying a birthday present

The bigger the better. At least when it comes to birthday gifts. Join forces with friends/family and get your friends/mum a proper gift instead of that cliche bottle of wine. Split the cost with VibePay.

Buying concert tickets

Anyone who’s ever been in the digital queue for gig tickets know that whoever gets through first buys tickets for the whole group. The person who ends up paying deserves a speedy Vibe, along with all the heart emojis in the vocabulary: ❤️💗 💓 💕 💖💞 💘 💝 😍

Boot sale

Found a fabulous pair of barely used shoes at a boot sale but didn’t have any cash? Not a problem with VibePay. Simply ask the seller to send a Vibe request and call it a deal.

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