A week at VibePay

A week at VibePay

For those who haven't received our newsletter here is a summary on what we've been up to this week.

Profile Pictures

Did you know you can add a picture on your profile app? A few of you didn't know so we've created a blog post to show how to upload your profile picture.

It was great posting this on Twitter and seeing so many faces popping up in the feed!

Forum Suggestions

The VibeCommunity did not let us down with suggestions this week. We asked “Where should we go next?” as we want to know where we should focus most of our attention after the upcoming major update...we are getting so close!

We loved the suggestion below to create something like a friends list, we will certainly add this to the whiteboard and see what we can do, thank you very much, £5 is on its way to you!

"An ability to add friends in the app! I know that its usually done via a link, however it'd be cool if you could add somebody that you need to exchange money with frequently as a friend into the app ti make it quicker!!"

There is still time to get involved and leave your amazing suggestions on the forum. The top suggestions will be rewarded with £5 via the VibePay app, so head over here and have your say!

Social Sellers / Instapreneurs

A quick thank you to the users that have signed up as Vibe Social Sellers, we made the first payment run last month to these users who have been offering VibePay as a payment method to their customers.

Do you sell online? If so, you can earn £5 on top of payments from new VibePay users that you refer through your payment links. All you need to do is go ​here​ and sign-up and start getting paid for getting paid!

Thank you!

Thank you all again for an awesome week, we are looking forward to the next update and the future of VibePay as a payment app and a strong community, say no to fees on our payments!