A week at VibePay

A week at VibePay

Just a few days left in July and V3.0 will be hitting the app stores very soon.

Linked bank account? 🔗

You will need to link your chosen bank account to the app to start using VibePay and take advantage of all its benefits.

How to link? Here is a handy video to show you how easy it is.

Your bank isn't in the list? We'll be adding new banks in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on our updates!


The #VibeCommunity have been amazing on the forums and on social media, here is a round up on what went on this week;

We asked you "what is your pizza takeaway?"...the results are in and with over 9,000 votes! The winner is pretty clear from where we are standing, check out the result on our Twitter poll here.


Last week we changed our VibePayFriday and we got an amazing response from the Vibe Community with quite a few VibePay users paid some of their expenses.

Users needed to pause the .gif we provided and then share with us the expense they would like to be #Paid for.

These included expenses from £3 meal deal, to £9.99 for Spotify up to £1,000 so that you can book your well deserved holiday!

Do not miss out, next Friday we've got something very exciting...

Way to use QR Codes?

We posted a new question this week on the #VibeCommunity Forum - "Ways to use QR Codes and VibePay with a phenomenal response.

You may use it between friends and family or you might even have a job that would benefit from almost instant transactions at work.

Whatever it is, let us know here.  Top ideas will be featured in a future blog post and we will be asking some of you to share your VibePay links to be rewarded! 😎