A week at VibePay

A week at VibePay

This week has been a busy one at VibePay, see what we've been up to below.

What's new

VibeRewards is a feature that a huge amount of our users have suggested especially on our community forum. We love the idea of having more ways to reward VibePay users on top of social media events such as #VibePayFriday and are absolutely thrilled to bring this concept to life. We put it to the vote and the community shared many many ideas, read the top 3 here.

Another week, another challenge for the Vibe Community

We know all of you love a bit of a #VibePayFriday so we thought we would spice things up a little this week and reach out to the Vibe Community to get involved in the visual side of the campaign.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of those who participated and sent in their graphics to represent this week’s #VibePayFriday!

Find out how what other challenges we ran here.

We've hidden something for you to find

It's the Good Vibes only emoji ✌️ in our very own Vibe way as above! (circled in white). Every week we'll hide it somewhere for you to find, it could be as a Twitter post image, perhaps an in app notification, in your VibePay app activity feed or in an email image so keep your 👀 peeled.

In the news - are we going cashless?

Has the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the way we view cash?  Recent news stories appear to indicate that is the case so we took it to the community and here are the results