The account-to-account payments opportunity for merchants

The account-to-account payments opportunity for merchants

New financial regulations (PSD2 and Open Banking) have unlocked the door for merchants to access a better way to get paid online.

Account-to-account payment technology empowers merchants to cost effectively challenge traditional payment processes, gain access to instant payment settlement and provide customers with more seamless checkout experiences.

⬇️ Cut out traditional payment flow costs:

Account-to-account payments move instantly from a customer's bank account to a merchant's bank account via Open Banking APIs.

Payments are authenticated via online banking apps, and a payment card is not required.

Importantly, this cuts out interchange fees charged by banks and card scheme fees traditionally accepted as a cost transacting online, and VibePay passes these savings on to the merchant.

Instant payment settlement:

Legacy payment processes are slow; they can take days or even weeks to process simple payments, leaving merchants to deal with the inevitable concerns and admin associated with delays.

Account-to-account payment are instant, empowering merchants with faster access funds.

🚅 Seamless checkout experiences:

Give your customers a truly streamlined mobile-first experience with account-to-account payments and increase your cart conversion rate.

Customers authenticate payments in seconds via their online banking app, so lengthy cards details are not required.

Account-to-account payments, enriched customer data and access to engaged and transactional community users are just some of the ways VibePay can help your business grow.  

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