App changes 📲 You spoke. We listened.

App changes 📲 You spoke. We listened.

We’ve taken on board your feedback and made some fresh updates:


  • We’ve removed groups - so you guys can get paid quicker.
  • We’ve removed chat - because money talks.
  • We’ve added a new activity screen - so you can keep track of payments and stay in the loop.

First off, thanks to everyone who has downloaded VibePay and a big shout out to those who sent us feedback. All of your comments (good or bad) are greatly appreciated. The Vibe community is one of the best out there! 🙏

We started beta testing 6 months ago knowing we were about to embark on a roller-coaster journey. 🎢 We’ve had a few dips: there were issues with Apple’s beta testing environment, some banks dragged their feet on integration and we had to kill off a few bugs.

But we’ve also had lots of highs! Feedback has been positive, engagement is high, we’ve now got 17 banks on board and just gone past £1million in payment requests! 🤩

But we’re far from done yet. We’ve just introduced a brand new activity screen which will display transactions, important alerts, as well as keeping you posted on things like competitions and cash rewards. Stay tuned for more on that...    

Also, after taking on board your comments, we’ve realised having group functionality has been more restrictive than we hoped. We saw lots of people only wanted to request payment from one person and managing groups became hard work and a bit messy.

In our recent update, we’ve removed groups to help people make direct one-to-one payment requests. With the click of a button you can now fire a link through your favourite social channel to one (or multiple) people so you guys will #GetPaid quicker.

We hope you like the recent updates. Check the App Store or Play Store to ensure you’ve got the latest version. And remember, you guys are part of this journey too, so if you’ve got any feedback or suggestions please reach out on our Community Forum.