Are you the generous friend? The average Brit is owed £98

Are you the generous friend? The average Brit is owed £98

How many times do we have to ask to get paid back? What stops people from asking for their money back? Are you the generous friend? Read and find out!

Social awkwardness stops us getting paid back. Finding it awkward stops more than 45% of us asking for our money back. That’s ridiculous (we’re here to help)!

You have to ask more than once. To get the money you lent out returned to you, you typically have to ask multiple times 🤔. Something ain’t right there.

We let people off to not feel ‘cheap‘. Anything under £15(!) can trigger our apparently proud-enough-to-literally-give-away-hard-earned-cash demons. It’s time to fight back 🔱!

Women ♀️ are less likely to demand repayment than men ♂️. We believe that we all need to #GetPaidBack, no ifs, no buts, no maybes.

Unpaid debts end friendships. Nearly one in five of us have rows with our mates over borrowed money, and 17% of us have destroyed a friendship 💔 because a someone owed us money.

Say no to social awkwardness and improve the way you get paid back by your friends, sign up for VibePay today!

About the research: VibePay polled a 2,000 nationally representative sample via market research agency, Censuswide, in September 2019.