Image QR codes and Quick Pay are here! (Download v3.5)

Image QR codes and Quick Pay are here! (Download v3.5)

We've been hard at work building helpful new features we think you'll love; image QR codes, quick pay and more! Download v3.5

📸 Image QR Codes

  • Your brand or profile image is now featured on your personal VibeMe QR code!

Let customers see your brand logo when they scan your QR code to pay, feature the charity logo you're raising money for or simply let your friends see your grinning face as they pay you back!

Quick Pay (iOS)

  • Quick Pay someone you've paid or been paid by before, just long-press on a payment card and select 'Pay Again'

Pay the same person multiple times even faster than before.

🗑️ Hide Cards

  • You can now hide cards from your activity feed, simply long-press on a card or click into a card and select 'Hide Card'

It's easy to organise your payment cards and hide anything you no longer want to see.

If you have feature suggestions or other ideas, let us know on the community forum!

The VibePay Team