Bramble Bakery bringing you brownies to your doorstep

Bramble Bakery bringing you brownies to your doorstep

This week we met with Holly who runs @bramble_bakery selling cake and brownie boxes which are customisable and delivered to your home. Currently these are delivered around Preston area but she has high ambitions to distribute further afield. Please make it to London 🙏🏻

Q: I’ve had a quick look at your insta feed @bramble_bakery, your cakes and brownies look delicious, what can you order if you live in the Preston area?
A: We do brownie boxes with your chosen flavour, a box of 10 brownies delivered to your home for £12. They can be mixed or just one flavour. We also do Blondies which are proving to be very popular in the market, these are similar to brownies but made from whites chocolate for the same price per box!

Q: Wow, that’s only £1.20 per brownie, a real bargain! What are your bestselling boxes?
A: Kinder and Lotus has to be the real fan favourite at the moment!

Q: Tell me what has been the most random flavour combination so far?
A: Probably have to say Oreo and Mars but some people must love Crunchy and Caramel at the same time !

Q: So Holly, how did you stumble across VibePay?
A: I’ve known about VibePay for a while as I have been using VibeTickets and I was on the waiting list when it first launched, I was lucky enough to get an invite not soon after their launch and I follow VibePayFriday every week! Fingers crossed I win one day! 🤞

Q: When did the idea of using VibePay for your brownie boxes come about?
A: I hadn’t thought of using VibePay for getting paid for the boxes but then I saw a tweet asking people if they were selling things online and to get in touch, so I did. It turned out to be quite a good fit for me. Lockdown meant no cash payments to avoid contamination and although I could take bank transfers, there is that fear of money being transferred to the wrong person’s account.

Q: We don't like to blow our trumpet, well, sometimes we do 😎...what made you use VibePay when you could have used other payment methods?
A: I needed something simple and low cost or no cost. I’ve used other methods in the past but you get stitched with fees and at times the money doesn’t get paid into your account for ages. I can’t really afford this delay or fees so the no fees aspect of VibePay was attractive, also the fact that I could get the money in my account straight away. At times the system is not 100% perfect but I get really good customer service and they have given me access to a reporting tool to keep track of my sales.

Q: That’s really nice to hear, is there anything else we should be working on to help you with @bramble_bakery? When can we get a box?
A: Well, I hear you can give me exposure to your social media, so that would be amazing, in exchange I can send you a box or two....

Well that’s all from us this week, thank you so much Holly for spending time chatting to us and for using VibePay, our address for the box/es is below 😀 mine is dark chocolate and salted caramel please.

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