So, we’re in the middle of wave 4 of our beta app release. To date, the feedback from the #VibeCommunity has been amazing and we’re refining our app every single day. We’ve made some pretty exciting changes this time around (too much to squeeze into a tweet) so here’s a quick summary;

What’s changed?

Groups are soon to become more than just a means of requesting payment. We’re designing a number of features which will ensure our app is part of your daily routine. This update is the first stage of doing just that. 

We’ve changed how the groups homepage looks dramatically. It’s now much more structured to set us up for upcoming feature releases. We’ve dropped the random colour schemes too. A red group means you owe money, a green group means you’re owed money and a yellow group means you’re all paid up – as simple as that. 

Hop inside one of your groups and this is where the exciting changes are – we’ve completely revamped our group page! When entering the group, you’ll be presented with a summary of your fellow group members and who owes what. Chats now live in a separate tab. This is so you can keep tabs on payments without being distracted by other group activity. 

If you owe money in that particular group, you’ll see a ‘Pay’ button next to your name. That’s because we’ve moved payments into our app! (The web payment is still available for those who prefer it). Once clicking through you’ll see our shiny new in-app payment flow. Select your bank, verify the payment and you’re away.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our most recent changes. Head over to or tweet us over at @HelpMeVibePay.