Cute Tingz Only, tie dyed hoodies

Cute Tingz Only, tie dyed hoodies

This week we met with Jay, @jaidedwards who designs her own line of tie dyed hoodies and sells them on various social media channels as well as Depop.

Q: If I visit your Depop shop, what can I buy?

A: I currently design tie dye hoodies through my depop shop which is called ‘Cute Tingz Only’ also selling handpicked pre-loved clothing.

Q: I must say, I checked your shop and the SUNNYside up hoodies are so cute! What are your best selling items? Do you do bespoke items on request?

A: My best selling items would be my hoodies that I design myself. I feel like they get noticed as they are really good quality and also how I design them gives them a cloud like effect, which is really cool!

Yes if someone wanted a specific colour I would try my best to find the right product to make the hoodie they desire!

Sorbet Pink Custom Tie Dye

Q: How did you find out about VibePay?

A: I remember seeing someone retweet #VibePayFriday so of course I was intrigued to what it was and what VibePay is. I read a bit more about the company and I felt it was right up my street! An app that lets you send money through a link, with no fees? Who wouldn't want that? It makes life so much easier.

Q: Indeed it does make your life so much easier! When did the idea of using VibePay to get paid for your shop items come about?

A: I saw you guys repost someone's tweet and they were using VibePay for a sale. Then it made me think using this would be so much easier, it's so easy, quick and NO FEES!

Q: We always try to improve the app and we really value our user's feedback, how can we make the app better? Any thoughts?

A: I'd say just make the boxes on the main screen smaller , maybe into squares? and then add each activity to a square so its easier to see visually and gives it a more cleaner look.

Thank you Jay for spending some time chatting to us, must say, those pink cloud hoodies look rather good, and on brand 😎!

If you have a shop and you'd like to take advantage of the benefits of becoming a seller with VibePay all you need to do is download the app and then fill in this form. For every new payment your buyers make through VibePay you'll get £5!