You can now use Dark Mode, easily remove linked bank accounts you no longer need and more. Read about what the team have been up to and download v3.3!

🌚 Dark Mode is here:

  • Feeling spooky? We've added Dark Mode; your eyes (and battery) might thank you!
  • Dark Mode will automatically turn on if you have it enabled in your phone’s system settings

🛑 Remove a linked bank account:

  • It's now much easier to remove any of your linked bank accounts if you need to
  • Simply navigate to your account settings, select the bank account you want to manage and press delete

🐛 Minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed incorrect 'total payments' calculations and duplicate payment notifications that some users were experiencing

We want to give you more choice in how you use VibePay, and Night Mode was a  top feature request from the VibePay community; if you have an idea, let us know on the community forum!

The VibePay Team