Go big or go dutch with v3.11 🇳🇱

Go big or go dutch with v3.11 🇳🇱

🍪 The smart cookies in our team have been hard at work increasing the payments limits, strengthening split payments, revamping your ‘add bank’ journey and improving the search user functions.

Each day more friends, family and brands you love are jumping into VibePay. Making your experience with payments that much better. #GetPaid

Big money moves! 💰

We had 999 problems but a limit ain’t one! As requested from some of our big VibePay spenders. We have increased the limit on how much you can send and request.

Users are now able to select a value of up to £9,999! Just make sure you have that amount in your linked bank 😉

Do as the Dutch do. 🇳🇱

“Going Dutch” is to split evenly a paid activity between a group. We’ve made it even easier in the app to split any of your payments, between any of your social groups.

Simply select any of your transactions from any of your linked bank accounts. Hit split and choose who you want to share the bill with. They’ll get a notification and payment request instantly.

What’s in store next? 🏬

Every month we’re powering more payments in online communities, business models and quite literally in physical stores. Over the next few months you’ll be able to find:

- VibePay payment options on Wix websites and online stores.
- Bigger Brands with unique Vibe Profiles in the app.
- More value in your everyday transactions linked to your bank. We’re building VibePay for the community. So we’re always looking to hear feedback and further suggestions from you. You can talk directly to us on our community forum or via our soci