How can you use VibePay?

How can you use VibePay?

We've been asked a few times by the community this question, how can you use VibePay whilst keeping social distancing, so we thought we'd give you a few pointers on how to! There are many ways you can use VibePay aside of paying for that Uber fare or that round at the pub, and will make your life much easier. Here are five situations when you’ll ask people to #VibeMe.

Sell online

Do you have too many clothes and not enough space? Could you do with some extra cash whilst in lockdown? Sell your items online and use your Vibe link to get paid and call it a deal. What's more, become a social seller if you've already got a side hustle and earn £5 every time you sell an item with no fees to pay for that sale!

Virtual Quizzes

How many zoom parties have you had whilst in lockdown? Anyone for a virtual quiz? It’s just unfair to be the one that always pays for the quiz entries whilst the rest just seat in the comfort of their sofas and don't pay you back with the excuse, I'll pay you after lockdown...Just send them a payment request link, that way, nobody needs to be out of pocket.

Deliveroo, Uber Eats anyone?

You're in lockdown, with your house mates and every Friday you get a delivery ready before your Netflix binge. Why do some house mates always get out of buying the take out? Avoid food delivery debt (yes, it’s a thing now) by getting into the habit of asking your mates to #VibeMe back. It’s quick, easy.

Buying a birthday present

The bigger the better. At least when it comes to birthday gifts. Join forces with friends/family and get your friends/mum a proper gift instead of that cliche bottle of wine. Split the cost with VibePay with a simple VibeMe link.

Buying concert tickets

Anyone who’s ever been in the digital queue for gig tickets know that whoever gets through first buys tickets for the whole group. The person who ends up paying deserves a speedy Vibe, along with all the heart emojis in the vocabulary.