How to have ‘the money chat’ with your flatmates

How to have ‘the money chat’ with your flatmates

Housing in the UK is expensive, and most of us will live in a multiple-person house share at some point in our 20’s (and some of us longer than that).

Living with flatmates can be lots of fun. Movie nights, joined dinners, Love Island reruns and boozy after parties. The first few weeks – maybe even months – will probably pass in a polite, friendly manner. But let’s face it, living with others is not always a walk in the park. Especially when it comes to the touchy topic of money. 

Is someone drinking all your milk? Are you the one who always has to buy toilet paper? Did someone break all the wine glasses (again)?

Here’s how to address the topic of money with your flatmates. Remember, it’s better to talk about it before it turns into a real problem.

Define the real issue

Sit down and talk about what expenses you are willing to share. Home essentials such as loo rolls, lightbulbs and batteries for the remote control are probably a no brainer, but what about basic cooking ingredients such as salt and oil?

Be honest with your flatmates

While your flatmate seems to have access through infinite funds through the bank of mum and dad, you’re still struggling to make ends meet by the end of the month. Explain why it’s unreasonable to have the heating on 24/7, why you can’t afford to pay a cleaner. 

Get a kitty for small expenses

The oldest trick in the book. A kitty is a good way to share small expenses, just find a jar/bowl/box and ask everyone to leave a fiver. If they don’t have cash (and who does nowadays), an app like VibePay lets you collect money directly from people’s bank accounts. 

Let go of the grudge

Ok, so you bought loo rolls again for the umpteenth time. Annoying, but sometimes domestic harmony is more important than getting £3.49 back. 

Make it easy for your flatmates to pay you back

Most of the time, the reason why people don’t pay their debts is because they forget. Make a habit out of sending a VibePay request each time you buy something for the household. You can easily remind them to pay up in the app.

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