How to make a payment via Lloyds on VibePay

How to make a payment via Lloyds on VibePay

Pay your friends directly from your Lloyds bank account using VibePay! Read the guide below:

1. Select Lloyds from the menu

Press Pay with your bank and you’ll be transferred to the Lloyd’s secure website

2. Enter your Lloyds banking ID

Select your account type and enter the Lloyds banking ID you use for online banking

3. Enter your Lloyds online banking password

Enter the password you use to log into your Lloyds online banking

4. Verify the phone number you’re paying

Verify the phone number you are making a payment to.

5. Select your Lloyds bank account

5. [If required], select a verification method

Lloyds may require additional security authentication

Complete Lloyds authentification.

6. Payment complete!

Your recipient will have been paid directly into their bank account. You’re done!