How to organise a non-stressful stag do

How to organise a non-stressful stag do

People say the hardest part of being a best man is the speech. But the chaos of the stag can be a world of pain.

Some of us will at some point in our lives have the privilege/misfortune of being best man at a friend’s wedding. Vibe’s very own Gareth has organised three stag dos, and shares his advice for how to organise a stress-free stag party.

Organising a stag party proved to be a lot harder than expected. The first involved hiring canal boats in Norfolk, another was a boozy weekend in Cardiff and the last was a four-day trip to Spain. They all came with the same problems.

Arranging events, accommodation and travel for large groups of people is stressful enough, without hammering the credit card and chasing people for money. For every mate who paid me back quickly, there were two others who left me out of pocket and gave me flimsy excuses. It was like trying to herd cats – deaf and blind ones. 

One of the biggest problems was having one place to organise everything and keep track of who owes what. I set up a WhatsApp group for some people. I sent a text to others. I emailed the rest. The groom’s dad didn’t even know what online banking was, so offered to pay me in cash. Someone bailed out at the last minute because of a “dodgy tummy.” There’s always one, right?   

People also needed constant reminders. I had to resend my bank details so many times and by so many different methods, I was fully expecting my account to have been hacked and emptied by the time of the stag. Then there was the awkwardness of having to ask people to pay me back weeks after the event.  

If only there had been a simple way to send money without the hassle of asking for account numbers and sort codes, where chat, payments and social events all live in one place. Sounds handy, doesn’t it?

We’re in the process of trying to solve this problem with VibePay. We’re still building our product, but be sure to stay tuned for future announcements by following us on Twitter or signing up to email. And don’t forget to sign up for early access at