How to organise the perfect hen do

How to organise the perfect hen do

So, your best friend is getting married and you’re over the moon! You can’t wait to see your bff walk up the aisle to marry her soulmate. But first, it’s up to you to organise the hen do she’s always dreamt of. No pressure.

These are our best tips for how to organise the perfect hen party

Talk to the bride

Remember, you’re doing this for the bride and she needs to enjoy her big day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve organised the most amazing spa-day, if all she’s ever dreamed of is a crazy night out with the girls at a strip club. You might want to keep the celebrations a surprise but you need a rough idea of what the bride is expecting.

Don’t let the costs get out of hand

Part of organising a hen party is to manage everyone’s expectations. The bride might be expecting something grand and extra, while the other guests are praying that costs will be kept under control. Communication is key, nobody wants a nasty surprise right before the big event. 

Don’t save on the Prosecco

Some guests won’t know each other, and as a host you need to come up with ideas and activities that will help break the ice. Prosecco is always a safe bet, but Google is full of great ice-breaker hen party ideas. For example, ask everyone to write down a fact about themselves and the bride has to guess whose fact belongs to who. Guaranteed to bring out a few laughs. 

Collect money from the guests

The hen party should be all giggles and prosecco, not chasing people for money. Break down the costs (activities, food, drinks, etc) and send out a payment request ahead of the party. An app such as VibePay makes it easy to ask guests for their share, and you can easily see who’s paid up and who hasn’t. 


Hen-do-zilla is a thing. Organising events for 10-20 women is stressful. Make sure you’re not carrying the whole load yourself by delegating to others. Ask someone to make dinner reservations, someone else to photograph, someone to create the official hen party playlist on Spotify… 

Have fun

Ok, so things don’t always go according to plan. So what? The bride will get to spend some time with her best friends in the world, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Relax and go with the flow. 

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