Innovative ways to make money online during a lockdown

Innovative ways to make money online during a lockdown

We are currently going through a crazy time with a virus keeping the country on a lockdown. We wanted to share a few innovative ways that you can make money during these times.

Make and sell masks online 😷

Can anyone in your household use a sewing machine? If yes, then selling masks online is a great way to make a few extra pounds whilst helping people get an important item that is in high demand. Remember to price your masks that is both fair for your time and the buyer. Ways you can even more creative with this idea is to maybe offer custom designs and a choice of materials. Do some research on what is required to classify a homemade mask as the type of mask that people want during these times. Some may need special filters. Want to easily collect payments from your mask buyers? VibePay is perfect and built for this. Open the app generate a payment link and share with your buyers so that they can pay you fast, free and securely.

Sell unwanted items online 📦

You may be finding yourself with extra time around your home during this period of time and selling any unwanted items is a great way to add a few extra pounds to the bank. Remember, items that you no longer want or have a need for can be useful to someone else like they once was to you one day. A few types of items to look out for when looking for unwanted items could be;

Books 📚 - already read that book a few times?

Records 🎵 - already listened to that record 100+ times?

Designer Clothing 👗 - already wore that expensive dress to that special occasion?

The list can go on and you may be surprised how many items that you would class as no longer need or unwanted. When you come across these items, take a clear photo and work out a good price for you and one that will attract buyers. You can then list the items on websites such as DePop or even on social media. When you find a buyer you can then use the VibePay app to generate a payment link for the buyer to send you the money!

What's more, sign up as a social seller here and you could be earning £5 for every item you sell!

Setup an online store 💻

If done right, setting up an e-commerce website can be a lucrative way to a second income or even your main income one day. One of the challenges to overcome when embarking on this journey is deciding what it is you will sell on your online store. As with most things I think it would be fair to say that you write down a niche, hobby or interest you have already and what items might relate to any of those. If you are an internet ninja then you should be able to find relevant training and ideas online and even if find the idea of setting up an online store daunting, there are plenty of options that are newbie friendly. VibePay will soon be integrated with Shopify which is a website that enables you to quickly start an online store and has the flexibility and features to grow with you.

Share your ideas 📣

Got some savvy ways to make money online whilst using VibePay? Visit the Community Forum and start a discussion and share ideas with other users!

Install or Update VibePay 📲

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