Lamest excuse for not paying back?

Lamest excuse for not paying back?

Last year we commissioned a piece of research to validate how much of an issue is social debt, it was quite illuminating to find out that on average 1 in 4 people owe money to their mates and that amounts to a whopping £98. That is a lot of cash.

We created VibePay to help get that money back in an easy and secure way, however, the excuses for not paying back keep growing and growing.

So what is the lamest excuse for not getting paid back? The community shared some of their mates' excuses...

Quite a few mentioned this as a top excuse, it seems those friends that owe you money love posting on their social accounts what they have just recently purchased. 🛍️

Good old ghosting 👻, a common practice by some mates not wanting to pay you back.

My money is my money, so if I pay for something, I am serious about getting it back!

Dog ate my phone 🐶, phone is broken, fingers too chubby to put in password. Some people are quite creative with their excuses.

Thank you Vibe Community for sharing with us your experiences when trying to get that money back, it was quite refreshing to see we're not the only ones!

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