One way to help with the January blues: #GetPaidBack.

One way to help with the January blues: #GetPaidBack.

Let’s face it, January sucks. Those jeans that once fit perfectly are now digging into your stomach, the weather is rubbish, companies are selling you summer holidays you can’t afford, everyone is doing dry Jan, overcrowding the gyms and making new year resolutions they’ll never keep.

Money is the biggest contributor to high anxiety at the start of the year. People have spent so much over the festive period they’re actually too scared to even look at their bank balance. 🏧😱

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Christmas spirit and pay for things without giving it a thought. Shall I use my credit card to buy presents? Yeah, it’s Christmas. Another bottle of wine? Yep, it’s Chrimbo. Starter AND dessert? Why not? It’s frickin' Christmas!! 🎅🍷🦃

January is normally the month where we pick up the pieces and have some awkward conversations with friends and family. Maybe you bought your mum perfume and your brother still owes you half.  You paid for booze at the New Year’s Eve house party. You forked out for that taxi into town. A tenner here. Five pounds there. It all starts to add up…but asking for money back is hard, right?💸

With VibePay you can set up a WhatsApp style group with friends and request payment via the app, taking the pain out of payments. It’s bank agnostic (which means it doesn’t matter who you bank with,) we can facilitate payment quickly and easily using open banking. People can “Vibe you” the money with the touch of a button – no more lame excuses!

Get off to a good start in 2020. #GetPaidBack.