Product Update: Progressive Onboarding

Product Update: Progressive Onboarding

I think we can all agree that signing up to an app is the most boring part. You’ve heard about this great new app on social media, head over to the app store to download and open up the app only to be faced with a ridiculous amount of hurdles to get going. We’ve all been there. We feel we’re guilty of it, so we redesigned the entire process.

Our current app asks for quite a lot of information for you to get going. A lot of it is a requirement of the financial conduct authority, but some is just there to enhance your experience once inside the app. We found a lot of you were dropping off at this stage. I mean, there’s not many apps out there that require so much information about you and your bank to use it. Open Banking is still relatively new and is slowly becoming more of the norm. So, with that in mind and our fresh new approach to getting users signed up, we hope we can make VibePay part of your daily banking routine.

So how exactly are we doing it?

We’re utilising a method termed ‘Progressive Onboarding’. This is by no means new, but is proven very effective when users are tasked with a lengthy onboarding process. To put it simply, progressive onboarding removes any steps that aren’t vital from the initial sign up process and re introduces them at a later stage, as a user uses the app.

A good example of this would be where we’ve moved the ‘link your bank account’ requirement inside the app. So, going forwards - a user is able to sign up with just their name and email address and make a payment (PISP). There’s no requirement to complete the bank linking process (AISP) at this stage. This is only required if a user wants to request money. This allows us to train our users on how to use the app, whilst collecting information that enhances, but isn’t critical, to their experience.

We’re on the verge of our biggest app update yet and it’s all thanks to the amazing feedback we’ve had from the Vibe Community. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was VibePay. With your help we’re building a platform which will change the way you spend and manage your money.

Stay tuned on our social channels, Building Vibe and VibePay.