Q&A with Edward's Photography

Q&A with Edward's Photography

Edward is a keen photographer that turned his passion into a bit of a side business, we met this week with him (virtually of course!) to find out more!

Q: Tell us tell us a bit about yourself, your shop, what do you sell, where do you sell it?

A: I created Edward’s Photography UK in April 2017, after taking some photographs at a local event, and was asked a number of times whether I was the event’s official photographer. To the back of this event, I decided to set up Edward’s Photography UK so that I could share the photographs in which I had taken, but also to make myself seem more professional than just being “that person that takes photos at events”.

Q: How do we find you online, are you on twitter? Do you have your own website?

A: Since creating Edward’s Photography UK, I have set up a Facebook page, along with an Instagram page, and Twitter account @EdwardsPhotoUK, too! I’ve also created a website, so that people can see my photographs across the globe, as well as so that I can write about the events and locations that I take photographs at.

Q: How did you stumble across VibePay?

A: I initially stumbled across VibePay when I was browsing through my personal Twitter feed! I saw a sponsored Tweet, from VibePay, about the fact that there would ‘soon’ be an app where you could send and request money, from friends, and family. I didn’t take much notice to this Tweet, as I was just about to go to bed, and the details about VibePay were very vague at the time, however once I woke up the next morning, I made the decision to take a deeper look into what VibePay was all about, and I’m glad that I did! Since being invited onto Vibe Pay’s Beta App, I’ve successfully requested payment for a number of both personal and commercial reasons, including for selling my photographs, in recent weeks. Had it not have been for VibePay, I’d have lost some of the money that my customers had paid for my photographs, due to the transaction fees of the services in which I’d previously used (PayPal and Stripe) which were astronomically high, in comparison to VibePay’s 0% transaction fee!

Q: Nice one, we love when our Vibers save money when selling online! When did the idea of using VibePay to get paid for your shop items come about?

A: I think that the first time that I seriously thought about using VibePay to get paid for my products came about when I had been paid for a personal reason, on the app, with no transaction fee, and then I’d made a sale on my website, and had a transaction fee of 3% of the purchase, and I suddenly realised that there was absolutely no reason for me to have to have this transaction fee removed from my customer’s payments. I feel that this also explains as to why I have chosen to use VibePay overusing another payment method, as they have decided that charging a transaction fee isn't a good idea which, especially for small businesses, such as my own.

Q: How can we make the app better? Any thoughts?

A: I don’t believe that it would be making the VibePay app better, as such, however I feel as though VibePay needs to become more publicised, so that more people are aware of who VibePay are, and what they stand for.

I believe that, if VibePay was publicised in a larger way, in order to compete with companies such as PayPal, individuals will be more willing to send money through the VibePay app! I also believe that, by offering referral rewards to both the referee, and the referred, more people will be willing to join VibePay, as they’re able to gain something from doing so, and the app’s users will be sharing the app more, which will then result in additional publicity for VibePay, as a company, and will, in turn, result in more people trusting it as a reputable payment method.

I think you've hid the nail on it's head there!

Thank you Edward for spending some time chatting to us and good luck with your photography business!

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