Read about our new look and feel

Read about our new look and feel

VibePay is the next evolution of payments. We connect friends, customers and businesses by powering account-to-account payments. There's no middleman involved, so there's no need for cards or wallets to move money quickly and easily.

We needed a brand look that reflects our mission!

The challenge

At the start of this year (2020) our journey was with only one product and three colour themes. Pink, blue and green, used primarily for the VibePay app. As the year went on we added new solutions, features and ways to get paid, as well as creating VibePay for Business to our portfolio which had its own distinctive look. We realised after all this growth that we no longer had the right look for the brand, it felt like we had two different visual identities.

That combined with our customer base growing and our brand being more recognised, we felt it was time to re-look at our visual identity and pull all channels together.

The process

We kicked off the visual identity process by deciding which brand elements still worked for us and wanted to keep. This included our brand personality as well as tone of voice. We listened to the community and took their feedback in as well.

Then we worked with a colour palette and design that would bring the app, social media and business solution all together under one VibePay umbrella. But equally keep the products distinctive enough so they can be told apart.

The result

See for yourself! This is our new look, a visual identity we’re proud of! Take a tour of the new website and tell us what you think of it.