Shop with Daniel

Shop with Daniel

This week we chatted to Daniel who has been been a fan of the Vibe family for a while, starting with Vibe Tickets and then moving onto VibePay.

Q: Tell us Daniel a bit about your shop, what do you sell, where do you sell it?
A:  I set up my shop to sell things I have around the house to earn some extra cash at the end of the month but for the last couple of weeks I have been purchasing products online and selling them on my shop too.

I currently sell on Depop, Which is the perfect site for me to sell quick and in a safe way, but the fees from Depop and PayPal have me planning and creating a new website for me to sell my products.
You will be able to purchase my products on in the coming weeks and you can see my products over on my twitter @ShopWithDaniel.

Q: We hear from other Vibe users having the same issue on Depop fees as well as PayPay's, what are your best selling items?
A: Over the last couple of weeks I have been selling my Jeffree Star Palettes over on the shop and these have been my most favourite and best selling products since opening the shop a few weeks ago and these all sold within an hour of them being on Depop.

Q: How did you stumble across VibePay?
A: I came across a few months ago after one of my followers over on twitter retweeted one of their tweets and I was intrigued in what VibePay was because I had been following VibeTickets for many years.
I believe I signed up to the waiting list the same day of finding out about VibePay and been here ever since and #VibeMeDaniel has come a big thing over the last few months too.

Q: When did the idea of using VibePay to get paid for your shop items come about?

A: Over the last few years of selling online via Ebay, Depop etc, the fees just came with selling with them, but the idea of selling with VibePay came about when hearing that they didn't charge fees for ANY transaction and I will never be out of pocket. This also means I can lower my prices of my products to make it more affordable for my customers.

Q: Why use VibePay when you can use other payment methods?
A: The selling fees on other platforms left me out of pocket on some items on the shop, so knowing that I can offer VibePay as a payment method has helped with my earnings every month and comes in handy at the end of the month especially nowadays.

Q: How can we make the app better? Any thoughts?
A: I can't think of anything off the top of my head that can make the app better because everything on the app works well so far, but I am looking forward to future updates.

So there you have it, Daniel has found he can pass savings to his customers as he doesn't have to pay fees when selling items through VibePay and he is never out of pocket. Win Win!

If you're interested in becoming a social seller, fill in this form and we'll be in touch.