Stay Safe with Online Payment Methods

Stay Safe with Online Payment Methods

Welcome to this blog post where we share a few tips on how to safe safe whilst using online payment methods including VibePay.

When you make purchases online through a website or via social media it will generally be a smooth process however buying online and making payments will always have its risks. Below are a few reminders to think about the next time you are making a payment online;

Check that who your buying from is trusted 🧐

When making payments to a company or person online it is best practice to always do due diligence and look for indicators that the brand or person is trusted. Check for online independent reviews on websites such as Trust Checker. If you are buying from a person via social media then look into their profile and check that they have real following and others have gone through the same buying experience that you may go through. Aside from this, there are many other things to check that a seller is trusted but there are also more ways they can exploit you using fake websites and social profiles so, always keep this in mind.

Think before you buy! 🤔

One of the ways you may get lured into making a bad transaction online is when you are presented with a price that seems too good to ignore. This is just one of many tactics used by individuals online to separate you from your hard earned cash. The saying is true most of the time, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! So we would recommend taking a moment to think about the scenario first.

Do not share sensitive information 🛑

If you get asked to share your sensitive details via a message or an unsecured web page you should take a moment to think why. No secure payment method will ask these details via messaging or a unsecured web page. This is when using a trusted secure payment app such as VibePay to make transactions is recommended. You do not need to share any bank details just a payment link and transaction amount.

Share your ideas 📣

As always we appreciate any suggestions around this topic so if you have any ideas that you think VibePay can implement to make payments even more secure then please do let us know on our Community Forum.

Install or Update VibePay 📲

To install or make sure you are running the latest and greatest version of VibePay you can follow the links below;

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