StreamElements x VibePay

StreamElements x VibePay

Calling all streamers: tips just got better!

We're excited to announce we've integrated with StreamElements, and you can now receive tips with no payment fees.

Receive donations and trigger on-stream notifications (customisable in StreamElements) from your profile 'Tip' button and anywhere you use your VibeMe Link.

Our StreamElements integration is free to use. To get set up, download the VibePay app and link your VibePay and StreamElements account [settings -> integrations -> manage -> connect]

Download the VibePay app

Keep more of your money and stop paying fees to payment services today. What are you waiting for?

n.b. Payments via VibePay can currently be accepted from UK bank accounts; we're working hard on integrating with European banks and beyond!

How to set up VibePay x StreamElements

Set up no-fee donations for your stream in seconds.