The awkward dilemma - how to split the bill

The awkward dilemma - how to split the bill

You’re out with friends and decide to order an inexpensive item on the menu to save a bit of money. But when the bill comes someone suggests to split it equally to ‘make it easy for everyone!’. Ugh.

But how do you bring up the awkward topic of ‘I don’t want to pay for your most-expensive-items-on-the-menu dinner’?

1. Do the maths

As soon as the waiter comes over with the bill, grab it and offer to figure out how much everyone owes. The downside is that you have to brush off your old maths skills, but at least your skint self  doesn’t have to pay more than it owes.

2. Be honest

It may feel awkward, especially if you’re with friends’ friends, but honesty is actually a pretty decent policy. Even if you do have enough money to split the bill evenly, someone else might not, so speak up on their behalf. ‘Can we please pay for whatever we ordered instead? I was trying to keep it cheap’.

3. Leave early

Pull a ‘I’m so sorry, but I need to leave for my yoga class/another party/have to get up early the next day’, and ask the waiter to pay for your share. That way, you can sneak off just as the rest of the table is about to grab their shared bill. Cop-out or life hack – it works!

4. Cover the whole bill

Pay the whole bill and create a group in VibePay for the rest to send you their share. Honestly, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

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