This week at Vibe

This week at Vibe

The team at Vibe have been very busy this week adding the last pieces of code to the new V3.0 version and launching our own Shop!

Exclusive Vibe Merch

By popular demand we’ve launched our own Vibe shop with 100 limited edition items.

This drop is all about safety and we want our Vibers as safe as they can be when they’re out and about.

Our safety pack includes a Vibe branded mask and gel.

Don't miss out, when they're gone they're gone!

Get it here!

V3.0 is nearly here

And boy we're excited! So, what's new?

A lot really...

- Easier than ever to link your bank and yes we have added many more banks including Starling bank

- Keep tabs on who owes you and who has paid you back

- Introducing activity cards which will in the coming weeks have some exclusive promos for our #VibeCommunity

What do I need to do?

As soon as the app goes live we will notify you, then all you’ll have to do is the following:

- Download the app

- Go through the onboarding process (we have added extra security so you’ll have to confirm all your details again and re-link your bank.)

- Add a profile pic so we can see who you are, 👋

- Ready to get paid back!