V3.0 Product Roadmap Update

V3.0 Product Roadmap Update

As you may know here at VibePay we are super excited to roll out VibePay version 3.0 to your phones! And we know that you, the amazing #VibeCommunity are looking forward to the updates also.

So, welcome to this post where we highlight the changes coming to VibePay with a July - August product roadmap.

Updates in July


In July we are on course to release VibePay v.3.0. You could say that this version will lay the foundations for the features that are planned to be rolled out over the next few months, here is what to expect below;

  • Improved User Interface for a better User Experience
  • Better Payment Statuses and updates
  • Error Logging update so that we can help you faster and more effectively

And that is not all, this update will also bring a useful feature which is VibeID. This will allow VibePay users to access everything Vibe with one VibeID, so if  you contribute suggestions on our forum or are a user of VibeTickets, your VibeID will enable you to keep all of your activity in one place, with one login!

Updates in August


August will also be a month of progression for the app starting with v.3.1. So, first we will highlight below the changes expected in this update;

  • VibeMe Links
  • QR Code support
  • In-Browser Payments

Let's expand

VibeMe Links will allow VibePay users to customise their payment links. We have seen the community request this feature multiple times and we look forward to start seeing those customised payments links being shared.

QR Code Support is an exciting feature for a few reasons but mainly because cash is being used less and the way people exchange money keeps evolving. Based on this some of you have expressed a use case scenario where QR Codes can be a handy feature such as workers who accept tips in hairdressers, restaurants and more. Sneak peak below;

QR Codes Support

In-Browser Payments is one of those features that really helps the VibePay app become more accessible so that VibePay users can #GetPaid even easier. This feature enables users to pay via VibePay using a browser, which means that the person paying does not need to download the app. Let's say you send a payment request to a friend to get that £10 back for last nights takeaway... you just need to send that customised VibeMe Link over and they can pay you straight away on their phone without no downloads. We would recommend they download the VibePay app though, of course! It is also exciting to think how are Social Sellers that use VibePay to take payments from customers will make use of this feature.


Speaking of Social Sellers it has been amazing to see so many new social media business stars using VibePay as a method of accepting payments from their customers. VibePay V.3.2 adds some features around this with improved Social Seller data which includes a handy recent transaction feed. We are sure that you appreciate how fast and easy it can be to accept payments via VibePay and we hope feature shows that we are committed to making it even easier to organise your current and past payments.

Recent Transactions relating to a VibeLink

VibePay + VibeTickets

VibePay is being added as a payment method on VibeTickets!

A lot of VibePay users are already aware of VibeTickets but for those of you that aren't, VibeTickets is a free online ticket marketplace where you can buy and sell tickets and there is no fees, almost!

Now the current payment method on the site may include fees however that is out of our control. So, when VibePay becomes an available payment method on the site then there will truly be no fees from start to finish. This is a huge benefit to both buyers and sellers as sellers can get the full amount they sell their tickets for and sometimes even lower prices for buyers when viable.

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