We're super excited to announce we've just released VibeMe Links and QR codes for VibePay! Download v3.1

This is a big milestone for us, as you can now send payments of any amount to anyone via their unique VibeMe Link or QR code.

  • 💃 Friends can pay you any amount using your same VibeMe Link or QR code, as many times as they want.

  • 🛍️ Customers  can pay you any amount for an item or service by scanning your personal VibeMe QR Code or Link.

  • 📲 Fans can send you any amount they choose via your VibeMe Link on your profile or site.

How VibeMe Links work:

How Vibe QR Codes work:

Share your VibeMe Link or QR Code:
(1) Open the VibePay App
(2) Click the '+' menu icon
(3) Select 'VibeMe'
(4) Press 'Share' or 'QR Code'!

Pay a VibeMe Link or QR Code:
(1) Press the Vibe Me Link or scan the VibeMe QR code
(2) Enter £amount and description
(3) Hit send!