Vibe harnesses the power of community

Vibe harnesses the power of community

We’ve always been extremely proud to give back to our community consistently, every week with our #VibePayFriday campaign and spread some GoodVibes. So today we wanted to do something a bit different...

Covid-19 has highlighted the immense amount of work our NHS does on a day to day basis but now even more than never, so we decided to dedicate this VibePayFriday to our NHS and raise money to support NHSCharities.

Yesterday’s countrywide clapping campaign was super inspiring, so much so that this led us to ask our community which charity they’d want us to support and with no surprise NHSCharties was the most popular vote. Second charity voted was Mind which shows the growing worry this lockdown will have on people's mental health.

So what are we going to do?

We are aiming to raise £5,000 for this amazing charity with the help of our community, for each £5 raise we’ll match £5.

Are you in? Click on this link to donate!