#VibeCommunity testing sessions: sharing your VibeMe link

#VibeCommunity testing sessions: sharing your VibeMe link

Welcome to our very first #VibeCommunity testing session! We're incredibly close to launching our biggest change yet to the VibePay app and it really is going to be brilliant. There's a brand new colour scheme, a more intuitive user interface, a slicker feel and best of all - a great deal of new features. We want to make sure this release is perfect, and that's where you come in.

From time to time, we like to get members from the community into the office for a hands on experience of our upcoming features. We study their behaviour and then refine because, you know, nothing is ever perfect. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 putting the world on standstill, we're operating remotely at the moment meaning we can't use our usual means of testing.

That's why we're using a great piece of software called Maze. This allows us to distribute our prototypes to all you guys at home and gather as much information as possible.

There's a few things we need you to consider when taking part in our prototypes:

  • Be honest! Was something unclear? Did you struggle with a certain task? Let us know. We want to provide the BEST experience for our users so honesty is key.
  • You're better off on a tablet or desktop computer. Although Maze works on mobile, you won't really be getting the best experience. This could provide us with some unreliable data.

Finally, we just want to say a huge thank you for taking part and supporting us on what's been an amazing journey until now. Here at Vibe, we work incredibly hard to satisfy the needs of our community.

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