VibePay App Updates

VibePay App Updates

We are super excited to be able to share with you details of the changes we have made to the VibePay app. At the same time the team would like to extend their appreciation to all of you VibePay users as without your feedback and suggestions it would be harder to determine what we need to achieve to make the app work in the best way possible for you.

Before we go into what's new in the latest update we would like to mention the good feedback we received in one of our last major updates that saw the app not only remove the groups functionality but we gave the VibePay app a newer and sleeker user interface. The feedback has been fantastic so far but not without a few problems which we have addressed with our latest update which is now available!

The Details

Recently there have been 2 common questions from the community which have been "I clicked on someone's VibePay link by accident, how do I remove the request?" or "I have created a request and want to delete it, how do I do that?"

In response to this we understand that users would like to keep their activity dashboard clean and delete unwanted requests and payment links, so here is what we have added to the app with the latest update;

  • Owners/senders of payment links can now delete requests as long as they have not received any payments to that specific request
  • Receivers of payment links can now delete requests from their activity dashboard, this includes when you have clicked on a link by accident
  • Once a payment request link has been deleted and a payment is attempted via that payment link the following will happen: reciever is informed that the payment link is no longer valid and payment cannot complete

We Are Not Finished!

We are proud to share this update and look forward to your response over time but most importantly we really appreciate continued feedback and suggestions based on your experience with VibePay. To provide us with feedback you can kindly share yours on our community forum

Install/Update VibePay

To make sure you are running the latest and greatest version of VibePay you can follow the links below;

VibePay on iOS - App Store

VibePay on Android - Play Store

Side Note

Oh yeah, with the app now being more user friendly and flexible we have been recruiting social sellers to use the app and take payments when they sell online directly with their customers. If you or anybody you know sells online please do get in touch via one of our social media channels by clicking the link; Twitter, Instagram or Facebook