VibePay - Free & Instant Payment app for Android!

VibePay - Free & Instant Payment app for Android!

Are you looking for the best payment app for Android on your mobile phone?

VibePay is a free to use mobile phone app that enables you not only to make and receive instant payments but you can also take advantage of 0% fees on your payments made or received.

VibePay works well for almost anyone who wants to make or receive payments. You may sell your services or items on social media and want a slick way to accept payments from your customers amongst loads of other reasons.

You will not need to share or ask for any bank details, you will not need to wait for long approval periods to have access to your money and you do not need to increase your prices to cover payment transaction fees. Sound good?

Get Started Steps with VibePay

1. Go to the Google Play Store and search "Vibe Pay" to download the VibePay app on your Android phone

2. Once installed, you will be asked to link the bank account you want to make and/or receive payments

3. Now that you have linked your bank account to the VibePay app you simply click the "request money" button

4. Select the amount of money you want that link to request e.g £25 for an item want to sell or simply request

5. You have the amount you want to request now simply share that link on email, WhatsApp, social media or anywhere you like so that customers or anyone can pay you

6. Visit our community page here and share your feedback and how we can make VibePay an even better payments app for Android