VibePay - Profile Pictures

VibePay - Profile Pictures

In this post we take a look at profile pictures within the VibePay app. In the forums and our social channels we have seen a trend of users requesting this feature and we completely get it!

Adding some personality to your VibePay app is awesome, that perfect selfie or that momentous holiday snap. Well, guess what? You can already do this in the app but we appreciate that we have not made it as obvious as it could of been so here is a handy post to guide you through!

How to change my VibePay profile picture?

Step 1 - Open the VibePay app

Open VibePay app image

Step 2 - Select your profile icon

Select Profile Icon

Step 3 - Select your profile icon, yes again please! :)

Select Profile Icon 2

Step 4 - And we are here, select "upload photo" 📷

Upload VibePay Profile Picture

We do hope that some of you find this post useful and we are sure that a lot of you will make use of this feature, as the VibePay app is always evolving and updating we will continue to update these posts so that they match with the latest version.

Thanks for reading ❤️ #VibeCommunity

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