VibePay - We Are Evolving!

VibePay - We Are Evolving!

It may come as no surprise that here at VibePay we continue to make positive changes. We continue this journey fuelled by the amazing feedback from the VibePay community & our goals of disrupting the way people make payments!

In today's post we want to share with you the latest changes that we have made and an insight into what is to come in the near future.

Fresh new look!

As you may already know we recently updated the look and feel of the VibePay app along with some other new features such as users being able to delete payment requests, the VibePay website has also had a make-over so that is has the look and feel of the latest VibePay design.

We are super happy with the new website design and we are sure new and existing VibePay users will be too! Click here to check out the new website.

The website was executed by our talented Product Designer at VibePay, Lewis Bamber;

Lewis Bamber, Product Designer at VibePay

We took the opportunity to ask Lewis what his thought process was going into the redesign of VibePay and how he managed achieve an end result the whole team can be proud of from which he said

"A few weeks back myself and Danny (Lead Designer) took a step back and had a think about the Vibe brand as a whole. We're outgoing and disruptive, our content and approach to design should highlight this. I took on the task of revamping our VibePay website to inject some life into it. This is now live, but it is stage one - we'll be constantly building on this but I think it's enough to appreciate where we're heading at Vibe. Our mobile app, social channels and now the website are all converging towards this fun new style. As always, we'd love to hear feedback from the community - It's what spurs us on!"

Thanks Lewis, we look forward to seeing more of your amazing work on the future look and feel of the VibePay app and website!

What is next?

  • VibeMe Links - As always The VibePay development team are working around the clock the bring new features to the app. VibeMe links will allow users the freedom to customise their payment links. We are super excited to see how the VibePay community will make use of this feature whether its posting your payment link on your social media profiles, or adding product/service names. The possibilities are endless. Your feedback and suggestions are very important so we look forward to releasing this feature very soon and seeing your response.
  • VibePay is going GLOBAL! - Okay so not quite global yet, but we are heading into Europe! We cannot express how happy we are that VibePay is going to be a multi-geo payment app. Since VibePay released we have had our friends across Europe expressing an interest in getting involved in the community and what the app has to offer. We never said it was going to be easy but we also never gave up. VibePay now adheres to open banking standards across Europe so we will soon be available in countries like France, Germany, Netherlands & more! Stay posted for an announcement as this becomes official!

VibePay for Business is here!

On top of all the other great things going on here at VibePay, we have reached an important milestone and are super pleased to announce that we are ready to offer VibePay for Business follow the link for more information. This announcement has not gone unnoticed and you can read a press release here where you can read a message from Luke Massie the Founder and CEO of VibePay!

We can also take this opportunity to welcome Kieran Bamber to the VibePay family, Kieran is taking on the role as our Head of Commercial Partnerships.