VibePay - what’s new?

VibePay - what’s new?

With just a few weeks until our launch of our shiny new app, we thought we’d share some notable changes and exciting new features.

For the nerds

Our app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Initially our app was built in NativeScript, which just fell short for us on the user experience front. We’ve made the switch to React Native and built what we feel is a much much slicker experience. We’ll let you be the judge of that!

A clean new style

You may have noticed our crazy new bold style across our social platforms. We’ve brought some of this into the app. We wanted to create the BEST experience for GenZs and we feel this ticks all the boxes. No one likes a corporate app, finance can be fun right?

Did someone say Starling?

We’re adding more banks! We’ve been working extremely hard behind the scenes to implement more banks as requested by the VibeCommunity.

A new feature highly requested by our amazing community. VibeMe links will allow you to share a link that is related to you. Drop your link anywhere, someone follows it, pays you any amount, boom. We’re done. These links live on forever so you can drop it in a Twitch stream, post it on your Twitter or even write it on that mates wall who always owes you money - there’s no excuses that way!

QR codes

Ok let’s set the scene. The queue in Nandos is huge. You offer to go and pay for both yours and your friend's meal providing they transfer the money. You come back to the table, open your VibePay app. They scan your VibeMe associated QR code and pay you the money, as simple as that.

This is a feature we’re really excited about. It has a lot of potential and unlocks the door for VibePay at point of sale, we’re really looking forward to seeing how our community use it.


At the moment, your profile is a collection of settings and preferences. That’s boring. We’ve decided to revamp this and turn it into your account overview. No need to open your banking app, input your mother’s dog’s previous owner’s maiden name to check if that sweet mular has landed in your account. Your profile will display your latest transactions, balance and even allow multiple accounts (coming soon).


Possibly the most requested feature in VibePay history. Everyone loves games, banking is boring, put them together and we’re onto a winner. We’re introducing points, levels and a percentage which ranks you against other members of the Vibe Community. Again, we’re really excited about this to see how it evolves.

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