Okay, so almost every Friday we run our hugely popular #VibePayFriday via our social channels where we fulfil some of our VibePay users payment requests.

However over the last few Tuesdays we have been running #VibePayTakeaway where we have been fulfilling random users payment requests of £30 via the VibePay app so that some of our users can treat themselves to their much needed, favourite takeaway!

Above you can see the Tweet that we send out to confirm an event for our community, I mean who does not love a free takeaway?

If you want to get involved yourself make sure that you have the VibePay app installed and your bank linked up. Once you have setup the app and you are able to send payment requests head over to our Twitter @VibePay and make sure you are following us and that you have notifications turned on so that you don't miss out!

On top of this we might run rapid giveaways to our notification users and we also share important updates regarding the VibePay app and ask for feedback and suggestions that we reward for too!

Partner with #VibePayTakeaway 🤝

You have probably seen #VibePayFriday hit the #1 spot on Twitters trending algorithm and we have had takeovers from celebs like JME in the past.

#VibePayTakeaway is proving to be just as popular and we are seeing companies like Dominoes flirting with VibePay users reminding them who the king of pizzas are!

However, we think there is an opportunity for some of you amazing food brands to feed some of our amazing VibePay users and introduce your menu to a wider audience!

If this is something you would like to explore with us, click on the Twitter link below and speak with our Head of Commercial Partnerships Kieran who will gladly work with you to make this happen and make it successful!


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We love feedback and suggestions from our users! Visit the Community Forum and start a discussion and share ideas with other users!

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