VibeRewards - You Answered

VibeRewards - You Answered

Welcome to this post where we once again acknowledge your feedback and show some appreciation for our communities commitment to help steer VibePay into the app it is today and will be in the future.

Below is the tweet we put out on social media;

VibeRewards is a feature that a huge amount of our users have suggested especially on our community forum. We love the idea of having more ways to reward VibePay users on top of social media events such as #VibePayFriday!

So, we have decided to take the idea to the drawing board and get the wheels in motion. Whilst the development team drink buckets of coffee and crunch the code to make it possible we wanted to get the VibePay community involved in one of the fun parts, "what should we call the rewards on the app?"

You Answered 🎉

Over 200 replies and suggestions to the post which involved some awesome ideas, thank you!

With so many different options to choose from we decided to narrow it down to the top 3 most frequently matched suggestions and on top of this, the first person to make the suggestion received a thank you payment via VibePay!

The Top 3 🏆

🥇 "Good Vibes" was the most common suggestion and thank you to the user above who suggested it first, £30 was sent their way via the VibePay app, of course!

🥈 "Revibes" Came in second most common suggestion from the community, thank you! £20 has been sent directly to your account via VibePay!

🥉 "VibePoints" took the number three spot and was just 1 suggestion behind "Revibes", thank you to this user who suggested it first and enjoy the £10 that waas sent to your bank via VibePay!

Work in Progress 🔁

Again, thank you so much for everyone replying and adding their input to this project, we are super excited to get the rewards functions rolled out the app ASAP but we want to make sure we get it right for you first!

Please stay posted on our social channels for more chances to have your say on the future of the VibePay app and maybe even grab yourself a little thank you whilst doing so?

Share your ideas 📣

We love feedback and suggestions from our users! Visit the Community Forum and start a discussion and share ideas with other users!

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