Where to use your VibeMe Link

Where to use your VibeMe Link

Your VibeMe Link is a simple and versatile way for you to #GetPaid anywhere online.

Social Bios

Feature your personal vibe.me/link on social bios and get paid by customers, friends or fans, directly into your bank account.

Whether you're designing clothes, creating content or streaming your favourite game or fundraising for charity, you can receive payments with ease.


Share your vibe.me/link in any chat where you want anyone to send you money without paying fees.

Get paid back money you lent to friends on hols, receive payment for custom art or just to collect rent money from your housemates!


Use your vibe.me/link on your listings to let your buyer send you payment without having to use cash or pay any transaction fees.


Share you vibe.me/link with customers on your invoices to get paid in seconds.

VibeMe Link payments are made directly into your bank account, so there's no fees, money-on-hold or pesky online wallets to worry about. Start using VibeMe Links today!