About us

Ever since Luke Massie founded Vibe Tickets in 2013, the Vibe Community (that’s you!) have been asking for a fee-free payment method.

Our ticketing site Vibe Tickets promises to be free for fans to buy and sell tickets, but the third party payment platform we’ve been using comes with hefty fees. We noticed that Vibe Tickets users started sending each other bank details just to avoid the fees – leaving themselves vulnerable to fraud and scams. 

That’s when we knew we needed to come up with something better. 

One year ago, Open Banking was first introduced in Europe. The new legislation required major banks to share customer data securely and quickly with third parties, opening up for innovation in payments. 

With the new opportunity brought by Open Banking, the idea for VibePay was born. A safe and fast way for the Vibe Community to request money from friends – for concert tickets, pub rounds, Sunday brunches and weekend trips.