Refer a friend and both #GetPaid £2!

Refer a friend and both #GetPaid £2!

n.b This promotion ended on 31/10/2020. Keep a close eye on @VibePay and your inbox for future promotions!

Want to refer a friend and #GetPaid? Simply send them a 1p (or more) payment request on VibePay, and when they pay you, you'll both get £2*!

What do I need to do? 🤑

  • 1️⃣ Send a 1p (or more) payment request to a friend who doesn’t have a VibePay account (use payment description "#VibeReferral £2")

  • 2️⃣ Get them to pay you the 1p (or more)

  • 3️⃣ We'll send you both £2*!
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Who can I refer to VibePay? 🙋🏼

You can refer your friends, family, customers, followers, or your friendly neighborhood cat (if she's got a bank account)! Just include "#VibeReferral £2" in the payment description.

How to Send and Receive Payments on VibePay

VibePay is a payments app that lets you send and receive payments directly from your bank account in seconds, for free 📲.

There are three useful ways you can send or receive payments, so you can choose what works best for you.

  • Your VibeMe Link is a unique and personal link that you can share with anyone.
  • Anyone who clicks your VibeMe link can send you a payment of any amount and add a description of what it's for.
  • Your VibePay Payment Links let you get paid a specific amount for something, from anyone with the link. You can enter a description of what the payment is for.
  • Anyone who clicks your VibePay Payment Link can send you a payment of the specific amount you set, and add their own note to the payment.

#3 VibeMe QR Codes

  • Your VibeMe QR Code is a unique and personal QR Code that you can share with anyone, anywhere.
  • Anyone who scans your VibeMe QR Code can send you a payment of any amount and a description of what it's for.

* #Vibe £2 Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions: VibePay will pay £2 to each unique new user whose first payment received or sent description includes "#VibeReferral£2". VibePay will pay £2 to a unique existing user who receives a payment from a unique new user for a payment request with the description "VibeReferral£2", to a max of £10 (£2 x 5 unique new users). Must have latest version of the VibePay App downloaded. Must have bank account linked to VibePay account. Maximum accrued from this referral scheme by a user is £10 over maximum 5 payments. All referral payment rewards will be made via the VibePay app. Promotion ends 31/10/2020. We will aim to pay people by 31/10/2020 for eligible payments. We reserve the right to withhold/not authorise payment if we feel someone is operating outside the terms of this scheme or in bad faith. Maximum total amount awarded by this promotion is capped at £1000. VibePay reserve the right to end this promotion at any time. People using VibePay must be 16 years of over. UK users with UK bank accounts only.