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Social Seller Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions: If you are a seller, only sellers who register on the above form will be eligible. Must have the latest version of the VibePay app downloaded to share payment links. Must have bank linked. Social Sellers will be rewarded £5 for each new user (a buyer who has not previously used VibePay) who makes a genunie payment to the Social Seller via the VibePay app. Multiple payments between the same users (sellers and buyers) are not be applicable. Maximum amount accrued from this referral scheme is £100. All referral payment rewards will only be made via the VibePay app. We will aim to pay people within 30 days of a successful referral. We reserve the right to withhold/not authorise payment if we feel someone is operating outside the terms of this scheme or in bad faith. People using VibePay must be 16 years of over.