We're looking for Twitch partners

We're looking for Twitch partners

We're looking for Twitch streamers! If you have an engaged audience in the UK, want to receive no fee donations or think your audience would enjoy our app, we’d love to talk.

VibePay is a payments app which lets you send and receive money from supporters, friends or customers, directly from your bank account - for free. We're on a mission to eliminate unfair payment fees, chasing people for money and sharing fiddly bank details!

We're connected to Streamlabs for streamers to collect no-fee donations, with more integrations coming soon.

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We want tech savvy, finance conscious, 16-35 year olds in the UK to know all about the launch of our app.

We pay streamers to connect their viewers to VibePay - and we give cash rewards to your viewers for getting started on VibePay too 💸

From referral rewards to sponsored giveaways and competitions, we've successfully partnered with streamers big and small, contemplative and boisterous - whatever the vibe of your stream might be.

Sound like your channel might be a good fit?

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