Move money with no delays, straight from one bank to another. Get paid by friends, family, customers and fans today.

Alan paid Skylar
Congratulations! 🎓
Payments and messages in every Channel

Supercharge your side hustles ⚡️

Say it where you pay (and get paid). VibePay+ could save your business or side hustle a fortune in the money you lose to card processing fees. And you can’t send messages on a card machine. 


The easiest way to pay anyone ✌️

Send money to anyone with a 🇬🇧 bank. Pay any amount as quick as lightning and we won’t charge you a penny ⚡️

Payments and messages in every Channel
Get paid quick with your unique VibeMe code

Put an end to being owed 🙏

Send payment requests to your friends, family, customers and audiences. Make sure you get paid with VibePay.


The only link you’ll need 🔗

Get your own VibeMe link & QR code and use it to get paid, quick. Send it, show it, print it or stick it anywhere. Easy as that 👌

Get paid quick with your unique VibeMe code
Payments and messages in every Channel

Your cash has entered the channel  💸

Find your contacts 👋 add custom messages 💬, use your favourite emojis 🦄 and track payments all in one place.


One view of your money 💰

See all your bank accounts, balances and payments in one place. No more switching between apps 🙏

Get paid quick with your unique VibeMe code

Fast and reliable!

Dxdger, 18/11/2020

Quick, easy, hassle free!

BizKiTRoAcH, 14/08/2020

Idea is great, very dedicated team!

Jadesa11y, 13/12/2019

Much better alternative to PayPal

Lucy Sheeran, 18/11/2020

VibePay is the future

Tinky321, 17/08/2021

Good Vibes

Krainey91, 22/07/2021

Best way to get paid back

Alex that loves games, 14/08/2020

The best app out there!

Bliss47, 18/11/2020

Hands down better than PayPal, CashApp and others

Mufasa120022, 18/11/2020
Payments and messages in every Channel

Zero transaction fees 🤩

Using Open Banking means we can move money instantly from one bank to another. No more wallets, costs or waiting for your payments.


Multiple profiles for multiple hustles 💪

Create up to 3 new profiles, each with their own display name, custom VibeMe link and channel list.

Get paid quick with your unique VibeMe code
Case Studies

Something for everyone

We’ve built VibePay for everyone. Friends, family, creators, streamers and small businesses 🙌

Fast. Free. Fantastic.

Friends & Family

Pay anyone and get paid back too

Plug and play all day


Make it easy for your audiences to pay

Helpful anywhere

Local Businesses

Get paid wherever you are

Supporting you and your groups


Move money quit and easy, for free

Zero transaction fees

Makers & Creators

Make it and sell it with VibePay

One link for everything

Online Sellers

Keep it simple when getting paid

Start in seconds ⚡️

Download the VibePay app, link your bank, get your VibeMe link and start sending or receiving cash pronto ✌️

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