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The pay by bank solution for Sellers, Creators, SMEs, and Independent Business Owners. 0% Transaction fees. 100% #goodvibes.

Instant, same-day payments on all transactions

Put an end to being owed with quick payment links

No surprise transaction fees or monthly costs

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Settlement Time
Processing Fee:
(In-person card payment)
Processing Fee:
(Online payment)
3-5 days
1.2% plus 30p
Revolut Business
3-5 days
0.8% plus 2p
1% plus 20p
3-5 days
2.9% plus 10p
1.5% plus 20p
3-5 days
1.4% to 2.5% plus 25 pence pre transaction

*Source: Provider websites, February 2024. Fees relate to UK card transactions.

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Keep 100%
of Your Earnings

Zero transaction fees

You earned it; you keep it. VibePay has never and will never charge transaction fees.

Get paid faster with VibePay

Create your #vibeme link or QR code. Send it, show it, print it, stick it. Get paid instantly. Easy as that!

Put an end to being owed

Send payment requests and reminders directly to your customers. No waiting 3-5 working days for your money to land.

Chat where you transact

A pro way to chat with your customers about schedule changes. Send reminders about bookings or offers.

Multiple Profiles for Multiple Hustles

Your side hustles, small businesses and personal life each deserve their own space. Give them their own space with different profiles.

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Messaging Made Easy

Create direct channels with your customers with our comprehensive communication tool, handily kept in the same place you get paid. Talk to your customers without having to share anything more than your username.

Transactions Made Simple

1. Connect Your Bank

2. Create Your #vibeme Link and QR Code

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Help Me Get Paid 👇

The Real Cost of Payments

Think card payments are free? Think again.

In 2023, around £5bn was spent in the UK on card processing fees, with the average business or seller losing around 3% of their takings on getting paid.

We get it.

You hate how selling platforms take a cut for every sale you make.

You refuse to pass on increased costs to your customers, fans and followers in a disrupted economy.

You want a real alternative to card payments.

Bottom line?

You want a simple, safe way to get paid.

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Transform Your Business Transactions

No more waiting for the pennies (and pounds) to drop!

Empower your earnings

Zero transaction fees. Every penny you earn is yours to keep.

Instant gratification

Real-time payments that keep your cash flow moving.

Community-driven success

Join a thriving community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Security you can trust

State-of-the-art security delivered with simple QR code transactions.

Absolute transparency

No hidden fees, no surprises – only 100% honesty and profits.

Innovative solutions

Constantly evolving features tailored to your growing business needs.

0% Fees.
100% #goodvibes.

No Fees. No Fuss. Forever.
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