A step closer to becoming a super-app 🚀


November 9, 2022

Whew! We are SO excited to have launched the latest incarnation of our app into the ether. We hope you love it just as much as we do. Our team at VibeHQ have worked tirelessly on this, around the clock. Now it’s ready to go, it’s time for us all to reap the rewards. With every alteration we make to VibePay, the goal is simple: Better vibes. Literally.

So what have we done this time to make your experience smoother, better, faster and more fun? I’m glad you asked…

VibePay 3.17.2 boasts a shiny new user interface, across the whole app. It’s still the VibePay you know and love, but ramped up to eleven. Better, and easier to use than ever.

Channels have had a makeover, supported by a complete overhaul of the backend, and they look (and feel) the best they ever have done. There are new reactions at your disposal, too, so you can spread good vibes, and say thanks, in more ways than ever before.

The user experience has been redesigned, bolstered by performance optimisations that make this version of VibePay our smoothest, fastest and best to date.

Why we’re channelling our energy into channels 💸

No one likes talking about money. Asking your pal for the money they owe you for last night’s taxi, or reminding your mates that they haven’t paid you for those tickets yet really isn’t the vibe. We’ve all been there. It’s awkward and we get it. Developing our unique channels takes us one step closer to super-app status, making our app a hub for our community to communicate with one another, whilst making those tricky conversations about money more friendly and fun. Getting paid and good vibes go hand in hand, in our opinion. VibePay 3.17.2 is the latest embodiment of that belief.

But don’t just take my word for it. Download the update now and see for yourself!

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