Bring the Vibes to uni! ✌️


August 21, 2023

Get into uni last week? Congratulations! It’s time to think about the essentials: what do you need to bring with you, how are you going to budget, and what are you doing on freshers week?! Looking after your money is of pivotal importance as you move away, and those new friends and flatmates of yours will soon want to exchange money for bills, taxis, drinks and more… 🥂✌️🕺🏻

Shouting sort codes, account numbers and personal email addresses across the room to newfound friends isn’t the vibe. There's a better way. VibePay. Sending and requesting money with a simple #VibeMe link or QR code makes this a breeze, and makes sure that you’re always paid ALL of what you’re owed, instantly.

VibePay is bank agnostic, so you can view all of your bank accounts and transactions in one handy place. This helps you keep track of your spending, so that you can budget appropriately and avoid having beans on toast for tea for the entirety of your first term. Not the vibe.

Transactions between friends and family become more conversational, and friendlier with messaging in VibePay. Talking money with new friends is tricky. Channels make it more familiar and accessible.

Bring the vibes to uni, channel what matters most to you and supercharge your studies!

Congratulations for all of your hard work, heres to an exciting new chapter!

Best wishes,


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